Cloudways Referral Program

Help Your Friends Experience the Cloud Magic

Save loads on your hosting costs or wipe them out completely. Refer your friends & earn $50 on each successful referral. In return, your friend gets $25 to kickstart their Cloudways journey – a WIN-WIN situation.

Estimate Your Referral Savings

The more customers you refer, the more you can save

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3 Steps to Become a Cloudways Referrer

Start referring your friends & collect your rewards in three easy steps. Help others find an easy solution to their hosting problems.

Get a Referral Link

Log in to the Cloudways Platform and click the heart icon in the header to get your referral link.

Invite Your Friends

Share your referral link with friends, and they’ll receive $25 upon signing up on Cloudways.

Collect Your Rewards

Once your referral upgrades their account, you’ll receive a referral credit of $50/referral.

Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say About Referral Program

Ultrafast Speed

The referral program has been built correctly from the very start with the right conditions and rewards

Constantin Sandhu

Full Stack Engineer at SanChip

Expert Support

To be honest, I’m not really incentivized by the money. The reason that I refer people to you guys is so that I can work on this platform when they get their hosting set up.

Thomas Speak

Creative Director at Speak Design

Optimized Performance

It’s been perfect. I mean, ever since I switched to Cloudways I’ve never really looked to anyone else. it’s hard to think of improvements in the referral program because it’s so wonderful already

Trevor Lowe

Lead developer at Trevology

Ease of Use

Well, I wouldn’t refer something to anyone if I don’t like it. So it’s not just the money, but the money is nice and It definitely helps, so I guess it’s a combination of both…

Adam Zonnis

Web Designer at Pangaea Web Services

Ease of Use

I think it’s easy enough (sharing method) and doesn’t trouble me a lot. It’s great that we don’t have to sign up again to become a referrer.

Richard Trotman

President & Founder at Exit88

Frequently Ask Question

With Cloudways, you can host unlimited websites, but you pay for only what you use. No more, no less with our customer.

No, you can only earn hosting credits through the Cloudways referral program.

You get $50 in hosting credits for each successful referral and your referrer gets $25. The more people you refer to, the more credits you make.

You can find your referral link by logging in to the Cloudways Platform and clicking the "refer and get $50" heart icon.

All Cloudways users (except those on free trial) can generate a referral link and use the program.

You can use the referral hosting credits to pay for hosting invoice(s) and add-ons.

The Cloudways referral program offers hosting credits, while the Cloudways affiliate program provides cash rewards.

Ensure that your referee spends $20 on invoices. If the criteria are met reach out to our referral team at [email protected]

No, there's no limit. You can refer unlimited friends, but the Cloudways team reserves the right to disapprove any spam/fraudulent referrals.

You can view added funds per referral in your account's funds section: My Profile > Account > Funds.