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Pick the hosting company that consistently outperforms competitors on speed and performance while cutting costs by up to 50%.

Cloudways + Vultr HF. Been very impressed with HF since I started using it a few months ago. A lot faster than others I tried like DO and standard vultr.

You might want to try @Cloudways – I’ve been using them for years, powered by Digital Ocean, AWS & Google Cloud (the worth ones)

“Preparing for the May update and struggling to get the speed score to 100? Switch to @Cloudways . I moved from my long-time hosting provider and @Cloudways blows them out of the water. (You will still need to do some on-site tweaking…) #WordPress #wordpresswebsite #webhosting”

Cloudways is strangely fast, literally. I mean, I don’t know why but it’s just fast.

Great to have @Cloudways on board again – we use them for our hosting and got MEGA speed improvements when we switched. Lovely team too.

I wish I had discovered @Cloudways earlier. Their services and support are just amazing!

@Cloudways Thank you so much for your amazing support team. Can’t believe how much faster my WP site is now that I switched to you… not even close to my old host. So important w Google’s new SEO rules.

Tried MANY plugins to speed up WordPress which do seem do make Google’s PageSpeed score better but “”real”” speed never really improved. Moved host after 10 years to @Cloudways and I’m amazed at REAL speed improvements, and so the transfers begin!

I just finished migrating our sites from @wpengine #wordpress #hosting to @Cloudways So happy, too! We have faster/same speed. But pay 80% less with Cloudways! Wish I’d done this sooner. If you haven’t already, check out Cloudways –

So far so good with @Cloudways – servers: fast – support: fast – speed of migration: fast 🤯👊🤓❤️ #greathosting #hosting

Cloudways, super easy to use, super fast and cost effective (we run 5 sites on a single instance for ~40$/month)

I also use Cloudways. It’s very easy to use. I use a digital ocean with staging server to update there then push changes. 👍

Cloudways Gives You Higher Performance at a Lower Price

Lowest plan
Vertical scaling
Clouds providers to pick from
Sites included
Multiple apps support
Hosting type
cloudways performance test
1-click scaling boosts RAM, CPU and storage
DigitalOcean, AWS, and Google Cloud
Unlimited on all plans
WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Laravel, Joomla and any PHP-based app
Cloud servers only

Compare Cloudways

Cloudways vs WPEngine

Cloudways gives you more speed, storage, and bandwidth at lower rates for unlimited sites.

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Cloudways vs Kinsta

Cloudways lets you choose where your site is hosted and how it’s built – total performance control.

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Cloudways vs Siteground

Cloudways is the SiteGround alternative for people who can’t rely on shared hosting.

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Cloudways vs Bluehost

Cloudways keeps your sites fast and affordable, even as they keep growing.

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Cloudways vs cPanel

Cloudways is the cPanel alternative anyone can use — not just developers.

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Cloudways vs uPress

Cloudways uses cloud hosting for ultra-fast sites with world-leading cloud servers.

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Cloudways vs Pressable

Cloudways gives you flexibility without limiting you to WordPress and WooCommerce.

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Cloudways vs Plesk

Cloudways lets you do everything in one, offering hosting and server management together.

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Cloudways vs Dreamhost

Cloudways offers fast and secure cloud-hosting with high-performing, world-class servers.

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Cloudways vs Flywheel

Cloudways gives you full server access to edit and optimize your site as much as you want.

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Cloudways vs Hostinger

Cloudways delivers fast, reliable sites your business can depend on.

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Cloudways vs Nexcess

Cloudways simplifies launching your sites live with reliable hosting on any plan you choose.

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Cloudways vs Pantheon

Cloudways is fast and reliable hosting for everyone — not just SaaS and devs.

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For Those Who Hate the Idea of Switching Hosting Providers

Just like moving houses, migrating your hosting is a recipe for stress and anxiety. To avoid this in the future, pick the right hosting provider today.

Choose a hosting partner that:

  • Won’t charge you a premium for a small, new website
  • Won’t put your site on a shared server, limiting your speed and performance
  • Lets you scale resources as your sites grow, without 10x price hikes or making you jump through hoops

9 Things You Can Do With Cloudways

None of our competitors offer the seven features below. Some offer a few, but not all. Cloudways gives you all, even on our lowest plan.

Grow with ease

Get started at a very low rate today and easily upgrade your servers’ performance as you grow.

Pick Your Cloud Provider

Choose from 3 world-class providers: DigitalOcean, AWS, and Google Cloud.

Unlimited Sites

One site or one hundred sites? It’s all good. Launch as many sites as you need on any plan.

No Shared Hosting

Cloudways users get ultra-fast, dedicated servers without compromising performance.

Go Beyond WordPress

Host any PHP-based apps such as Drupal, Magento, Laravel, and Joomla.

Transparent Pricing

There are no hidden costs with Cloudways. Pick your server and resources and see exactly what you’ll pay.

Unmatched Performance

Only Cloudways gives premium speed and reliability at prices others charge for bloated shared servers.

SSH, SFTP Access

Toggle specific features on and off, as required by your specific web stack

Managed Migrations

Enhance website security by challenging suspicious IPs with Cloudflare Turnstile! Cloudways gives you all, even on our lowest plan.

At Cloudways, There’s Always Someone Ready to Help

Seamlessly Integrate Enterprise-Grade Cloudflare and Elevate Your Website’s Performance & Security.

2.1 Mins

Initial Response Time
of website

30 Mins

Average time to solve & close a
support inquiry


Percentage of support inquiries closed with a happy & satisfied customer

Move to the Hosting Provider You’ll Never Have to Migrate From

Apart from incredible website performance, Cloudways allows you to scale your servers as your project grows without zero technical difficulty.


Top rated for Ease of Use, Quality of Support, and Ease of Setup on G2

Ease of Use
Quality of Support
Ease of Setup
cloudways performance test

Frequently Asked Questions

With Cloudways, you can host unlimited websites, but you pay for only what you use. No more, no less with our customers.

Managed hosting is the kind of web hosting business where the platform handles every aspect of your hosting server, including administration, management, security, and maintenance.

What that means to you is that all you need to do is select the web hosting company you want and your provider handles the rest. Cloudways’ team of administrators, developers and security experts will ensure your websites and client sites are properly managed to ensure maximum uptime and performance.

Note that Cloudways is a cloud hosting provider that offers managed web hosting service and managed WordPress plans while supporting most other major CMS and Ecommerce platforms such as Joomla, Magento, Drupal, and other popular PHP-based applications.

Managed WordPress hosting is a service that makes installing and managing your WordPress site easier, where most technical and server-side issues are managed by your hosting provider. Choosing a managed WordPress hosting service means freeing up your time from having to handle security risks, backups, monitoring your WordPress sites’ uptime, and scaling your infrastructure when your WordPress websites grow.

Cloudways is a managed WordPress provider and also supports other applications, such as Joomla, Magento, Drupal, and other PHP-based apps.

Our customer support staff are WordPress experts ready to help you troubleshoot issues with your WordPress plugins, updates and other known issues, to keep your WordPress sites running smoothly.

With Cloudways, you get a world-class hosting platform and WordPress hosting services. All our hosting plans run on top-of-the-line cloud servers provided by DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Platform. Cloudways is a cloud platform provider that gives you virtually unlimited cloud hosting resources for all your hosting needs, at very affordable prices.

As a fully managed hosting provider, Cloudways takes care of the maintenance of your servers. You get a single control panel to launch and manage all your staging sites and live websites. You can host and manage unlimited sites and control them all from the same cloud management panel. Most tasks can be done in just a few clicks.

It really is! For the same — or even better — performance, Cloudways costs half as much as what other providers charge (eg: Cloudways' starting price is as low as $11/mo vs WPEngine and Kinsta at $30/mo).

Cloudways lets you start at a very low rate, as long as you have a website that doesn’t require lots of resources. You can get started with a world-class server provider like DigitalOcean for as low as $11/mo. And your billing doesn’t grow as long as your sites don’t require more performance.

When you subscribe to a Cloudways plan, you get all the benefits of hosting your site on a world-class cloud server (with DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS and Google Cloud Platform) with managed cloud computing services. You don’t have to pay for your server provider elsewhere or worry about setting up and keeping your server optimized.

All Cloudways pricing plans include these premium features and developer tools:

  • Free SSL certificates
  • Daily backups
  • Unlimited websites
  • +30 data centers globally located
  • Free site migration
  • 24/7/365 help with expert WordPress support
  • Pay As You Go plans
  • Team management
  • Dedicated firewalls
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Staging environments
  • Advanced caches
  • Auto healing
  • Regular security patching
  • HTTP/2 enabled servers
  • SSH and SFTP access
  • DDoS Protection

Yes. You get a 3-day free trial to kick the tires and your first migration is on us. Our experts handle it for you absolutely free, with zero downtime.

If want to migrate a WordPress you can use our free WordPress Migrator Plugin to do it automatically for you. The only requirement from your end is to provide the Cloudways SFTP details to the plugin. Get the plugin.

At Cloudways, we believe no one should stress about their website being down or site speed not being optimized. We put a lot of effort and resources into making that a reality, with the help of our support team.

Standard Support: It’s free and includes 24/7/365 access to Live Chat assistance. Every request is routed to a specifically trained Support Team member.

Advanced Support add-on: For businesses running mission-critical sites. The Advanced add-on opens up a wider range of Cloudways expertise. You get a dedicated account manager, on-demand database and tech-stack customization, deeper application-level support, and proactive monitoring.

Premium Support add-on: Includes everything in Standard and Advanced support, with access to a private Slack channel, that connects you 24/7/365 to our Senior Support Engineers, and direct phone support.

Cloudways offers 30+ data centers across the world. You can pick any server closer to your customers for faster loading speeds, stronger SEO and a smoother user experience.

Security is a top priority at Cloudways. We take a proactive approach to keeping your servers safe and secure from malicious traffic, malware and attacks.

To ensure your cloud server security, these features are available on all hosting plans:

  • Dedicated Firewalls
  • 1-Click SSL Certificate for free
  • IP Whitelisting
  • Regular Security Patching
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Bot Protection
  • DDoS Protection

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