WordPress Multisite Hosting

to Manage Multiple Sites

Managing WordPress Multisites is complex, but not with Cloudways. Get complete control to create & manage client and institutional sites, blog networks, and more with absolute ease.

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Why Cloudways for WordPress Multisite Hosting

Multisite completely transforms website management, and with Cloudways, you get scalability, security, and uptime to manage multiple websites smoothly.

Cloudflare Enterprise

Unmatched performance and security with free CDN and DDoS attack mitigation.

Consistent &
Responsive Support

96% customer satisfaction rate in the last 6 months & 24/7 access to the team of experts.

Easy Application

A simplified dashboard for real-time visibility and control over your website performance.

Comprehensive Control
& Ease of Use

Cloudways’ clean, intuitive interface lets you easily create and clone cloud servers, migrate all your WordPress sites, and more.

Managing WordPress Multisite Is Easy With Cloudways

Tackle multisite’s complexities with an intuitive platform equipped with a complete tool-set to enjoy a comprehensive WordPress multisite hosting experience.

Optimized Stack

Our advanced stack uses Apache, Nginx, PHP-FPM, and MySQL/MariaDB to speed up your sites with faster-than-ever processing.

65+ Data Centers

Reduce network latency by choosing from more than 65 global data centers.

Scalable Infrastructure

Scale up or down to serve all your WordPress sites & extend your server storage space without altering other server parameters.

WordPress Multisite DDoS Protection

Protect your sites against DDoS attacks and malicious traffic with the Cloudflare add-on & get HTTP3 support for a more secure connection.

Application Performance Management

Get a real-time overview of all your sites from a single dashboard – from traffic and status code monitoring to resource usage and SQL queries.

Constant Availability

99.99% uptime and 400 to 600 ms loading speeds to keep your sites up and running at all times.

Affordable WordPress Multisite Hosting Platform Built for Agile Teams

Pick a multisite cloud hosting plan that you can scale up/down to optimize your operational costs.

Note: $0.033/GB per server will be applied for offsite backup storage.

Note: $0.033/GB per server will be applied for offsite backup storage.

Note: $0.033/GB per server will be applied for offsite backup storage.

Note: $0.033/GB per server will be applied for offsite backup storage.

Note: $0.033/GB per server will be applied for offsite backup storage.

30% off for 6 Months + Upto 30 Free Migrations. Upgrade Today


  • Free trial is not available for Amazon Web Services. You need to upgrade your account to launch and access AWS servers.
  • With Amazon (AWS), Disk Sizes are configurable and Bandwidth is on pay as you go basis.
  • Note: $0.033/GB per server will be applied for offsite backup storage.

30% off for 6 Months + Upto 30 Free Migrations. Upgrade Today


  • Free trial is not available for Google Compute Engine. You need to upgrade your account to launch and access GCE servers.
  • With Google (GCE), Disk Sizes are configurable and Bandwidth is on pay as you go basis.
  • Note: $0.033/GB per server will be applied for offsite backup storage.
All Plans Come With
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Free Migration
  • Team Management
  • Dedicated Firewalls
  • 24/7 Real-time Monitoring
  • Automated Backups
  • Staging Environment
  • Auto Healing
  • Regular Security Patching
  • HTTP/2 Enabled Servers
  • SSH and SFTP Access
  • Optimized With Advanced Caches
  • Cloudflare Add-on NEW
  • Unlimited Application Installation
  • Free Object Cache Pro (2GB & above)

Cast-iron Security for Your Multisite Network: Cloudflare Enterprise

Cloudways’ cutting-edge security measures include an integration with Cloudflare Enterprise, which your multisite network can use for free!

The add-on mitigates 520,000 login attacks/day on 200,000 websites, and blocks more than 14 million content scrapers/malicious traffic a day.

Cloudways Managed WP Site Migration

Making Migrations Easier Again

Let our engineers do your first migration for free, or use our migrator plugin (with BlogVault as a technology partner) to migrate unlimited WordPress sites to Cloudways.


WordPress Multisite Management Tools

Launching a new WordPress Multisite network is a matter of a few clicks with the Cloudways Platform. Here’s how our powerful tools and user-friendly features make site management super intuitive.

24/7 support

Optimized Techstack

Our optimized stack (which includes PHP 8 as the default version for your WordPress site) comes with Memcached, Varnish, and Redis for fast responses.

pay as you go

WordPress Staging Tool

Access out unlimited staging areas and URLs to test and develop changes without pushing those to your live websites.

free migration

Automatic WordPress Updates

Cloudways’s SafeUpdates mitigates the pain of keeping a regular check on the latest WordPress updates. With just a click, you can allow automatic updates for your website.

free ssl

Managed WordPress Migrations

Migrating WordPress applications to Cloudways is just a request away. Tell us about your application, and we’ll do the rest! Or you could just use our automated WP Migrator plugin to do the job.

no lockin

Object Cache Pro

We’ve partnered with this Redis-powered caching technology to speed up your applications with minimal load on server resources for FREE (standalone, it costs $95)!

unlimited application

Automated Backups

Schedule automatic backups as frequently as you like – from every hour to every 7 days. You can also create a backup whenever you wish.

unlimited application

1-Click WordPress Installer

Deploy multiple WordPress sites on a single server with our 1-Click functionality. No limits to WordPress websites on one server or plan.

unlimited application

WordPress CLI

Cloudways makes it super-easy to manage users and roles through the WP-CLI.

unlimited application

FREE SSL Certificates

SSL certificates ensure the safety of your application’s online data in transit. It is applied to all the sites and is completely free of cost for our users.

Cloudways Support

24/7 Support for Care-Free Multisite Experience

Expert support to keep you covered around the clock. Offering all the support options from a phone call to a vast knowledge base, connecting with our community, and more for prompt help. And with the Premium Support add-on, our Senior Support Engineers work as an extension of your in-house team.

Twitter’s a great place to vent about terrible customer service so I’d like to help balance the scales a bit & rave about @Cloudways, one of the best services we use with probably the best customer support experience ever. They fix our website and are just so easy to work with.

— Emily Porter


Multisite Domain Management

Unlike other hosts, Cloudways lets you manage primary and additional domains directly from its dashboard. So, you can instantly configure WordPress multisite and set up domain mapping.

Cloudways Support

Cloudways Seamlessly Migrates & Sets Up a Multi-Site for Imperium Social

Our first project was a 21 site WordPress Multi-Site for Athletic Association out of British Columbia. This would have been really challenging to pull off on other hosts, but…

Read The Case Study

Frequently Asked Questions

With Cloudways, you can host unlimited websites, but you pay for only what you use. No more, no less with our customer.

Multisite in WordPress allows for the centralized management of multiple websites from a single WordPress dashboard, making it a convenient option for companies and brands.

For example, if you have 3 different WordPress websites, you'd have to log out of one dashboard to work on another. But with multisite, you can log in to a single WordPress dashboard and quickly switch between different sites using a dropdown menu.

Multisite hosting is ideal for people looking to save time and conveniently manage multiple WordPress websites.

With multisite, you can add/remove/update plugins and themes across all the sites within the network, reducing the time and effort required to install and update these assets on an individual site.

Yes, WordPress multisite counts as a single WordPress installation, as you can host multiple domains on a single network.

You can host unlimited sites in a WordPress multisite network. The number of sites a network can have is only limited by the capacity of its infrastructure.

Yes, you can use multiple plugins and themes with similar functionality for different websites in a WordPress multisite network. However, you need to specifically select the website on which you want to use them. If you activate the plugin or a theme for the entire network, it will automatically apply to all sites within the network.

Managing multiple sites within a network can add extra load and potentially impact performance if not properly optimized. So, as the number of websites on the server increases, the server performance may decline. Luckily with Cloudways you get optimized performance on all your sites, helping you manage multisite with ease.

WordPress hosting is specifically optimized for running a single site. It often comes with pre-installed WordPress software, automatic updates, and technical support designed for WordPress users.

On the other hand, WordPress multisite hosting is specifically designed to support a multisite network, helping you manage multiple sites from a single dashboard. It offers the same features as regular WordPress hosting but with additional technical support and optimizations to handle the added complexity of managing multiple sites.

Mapping your WordPress multisite domains is super easy, thanks to the intuitive Cloudways Application Management panel. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Application Management Panel > Domain Management
  • Fill in the Primary Domain field and click Save Changes.
  • And for other subdomains, add them in the Additional Domains field.

Yes, we can host multiple applications (a single WordPress site and multisite) on the same Cloudways server.

Yes, you can manage hundreds of websites easily with Cloudways, as its intuitive UI lets you launch and manage a multisite network easily.

Cloudways managed WordPress hosting platform offers 1-Click operations for monitoring, scaling, cloning, backups, restores, and more. It's scalable for WordPress multisite and ecommerce with WooCommerce. We also offer CloudwaysBot and an optimized platform for developers to use API for integrations and automation.

Well, keeping in view the fact that security of a website of really important, we have an iron-clad  security mechanism in place. In addition to this, all the WordPress Multisite cloud servers are protected through platform level firewall.

The hardened security system ensures that your servers remain protected against all known potential security and hack threats, including Heartbleed and Shellshock.

We, at Cloudways, also provide you with daily backup facility where all the data is kept on off-site location for the purpose of redundancy. All your WordPress Multisite cloud servers are managed and patched regularly to thwart any particular threat.

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