WPEngine vs Cloudways

Cloudways Is the High-Performance WPEngine Alternative

WPEngine compromise on website performance, hinder your growth, and make you lose business. Cloudways delivers fast, reliable hosting that helps you grow your business without limits.

3-day trial without credit card

With 0.5 Second Loading Speed & Virtually 100% Uptime, Cloudways Won’t Let You Down

Cloudways gives you more speed, storage, and bandwidth at lower rates for unlimited sites. Our starter plan alone offers 1TB bandwidth, as opposed to WPEngine’s 50GB. And the performance gap only increases from there.

Unlike WPEngine, Cloudways offers a free trial — no CC needed

WPEngine vs Cloudways

Starting With Cloudways Saves You More $$$

Lowest Available Plan cloudways performance test
Monthly Price $30/mo
Digital Ocean
Site Included 1 unlimited
Visit/Month 250,000 unlimited
Storage 10GB 50GB
Bandwidth 50GB 2TB
Ram Undisclosed 2GB
Processor Processor 1Core
Trial No Free Trial Free Trial for 3 Days
Highest Available Plan cloudways performance test
Monthly Price $350/mo
Ecommerce Hosting Scale
Google Cloud
Site Included 30 unlimited
Visit/Month 400,000 +67,00,000
Storage 50GB 20GB
Bandwidth 500GB 2TB
Ram Undisclosed 15GB
Processor Processor 4vCPU
Trial No Free Trial Free Trial for 3 Days

For those who hate the idea of switching hosting providers

Cloudways is the WPEngine alternative that lets you choose between 3 top IAAS providers, including GCE.


Your hosting provider shouldn’t slow you down as your business ramps up

WPEngine is one of the best-known brands in the WordPress hosting space. But users only discover after paying for WPEngine that it:

  • Won’t let you pick which server to host your site on
  • Eats up storage and bandwidth as your site grows
  • Locks critical features behind their higher plans

Get Higher ROI From Your Websites

With Cloudways, your websites are faster, more secure, and backed by 24/7 real-time expert support..


Cloudways gives you fast, secure servers with on-time customer support

None of our competitors offer the seven features below. Some offer a few, but not all. Cloudways gives you all, even on our lowest plan.

Grow with ease

Get started at a very low rate today and easily upgrade your servers’ performance as you grow.

Pick Your Cloud Provider

Choose from 3 world-class providers: DigitalOcean, AWS, and Google Cloud.

Unlimited Sites

One site or one hundred sites? It’s all good. Launch as many sites as you need on any plan.

No Shared Hosting

Cloudways users get ultra-fast, dedicated servers without compromising performance.

Go Beyond WordPress

Host any PHP-based apps such as Drupal, Magento, Laravel, and Joomla.

Transparent Pricing

There are no hidden costs with Cloudways. Pick your server and resources and see exactly what you’ll pay.

Unmatched Performance

Only Cloudways gives premium speed and reliability at prices others charge for bloated shared servers.

SSH, SFTP Access

Toggle specific features on and off, as required by your specific web stack

Managed Migrations

Enhance website security by challenging suspicious IPs with Cloudflare Turnstile! Cloudways gives you all, even on our lowest plan.

Highly impressed by Cloudways. They are unique in combining user-friendliness with the flexibility to choose from multiple leading (IaaS) providers. High-speed performance and responsive customer service makes Cloudways an innovative, efficient, and reliable solution for businesses.

Ionut Neagu

Founder of Themeisle, VertiStudio

Category leader in G2.com

Ease of Use

WPEngine score: 9.1

Web hosting average: 8.6

Ease of Use

WPEngine score: 9.1

Web hosting average: 8.6

Ease of Use

WPEngine score: 9.3

Web hosting average: 9

WPEngine vs Cloudways

Cloudways serves drastically more visitors each month

Results based on loader.io, comparing plans at three levels.

Bar Graph Comparasion
WPEngine vs Cloudways

Cloudways consistently outperforms WPEngine’s response time

Results based on loader.io, comparing similar sites and plans for speed optimizations.

Average 8705 ms 3439 ms
Min 150 ms 1,039 ms
Max 37649 ms 9,296 ms

At Cloudways, There’s Always Someone Ready to Help

Seamlessly integrate enterprise-grade cloudflare and elevate your website’s performance & security.

2.1 Mins

Initial Response Time
of website

30 Mins

Average time to solve & close a
support inquiry


Percentage of support inquiries closed with a happy & satisfied customer

Frequently Asked Questions

Managed WordPress hosting is a form of web-hosting that makes installing and managing your WordPress site easier, where most technical and server-side issues are managed by the company you hire. Managed hosting means freeing up your time from having to handle security risks, backups, monitoring your sites’ uptime, and scaling your infrastructure when your site grows.

Cloudways provides managed WordPress services, but doesn’t stop at WordPress. You can also host other applications, such as Joomla, Magento, Drupal, and other PHP-based apps.

The main difference between WP Engine and Cloudways is that WP Engine offers plans based on core feature limitations and number of sites you can host.

With Cloudways you can launch as many sites as you want, on any plan. And you get access to the same set of features, no matter which plan you choose. We believe that structuring our plans this way helps all kinds of business start and grow with total control on their websites’ performance.

WP Engine’s lowest plan starts at $30/mo and includes only 1 site. With Cloudways you can get started for as low as $11/mo, with unlimited sites.

At Cloudways, we believe no one should stress about their website being down or not working. We put a lot of effort and resources into making that a reality, with the help of our support team.

Standard Support: It’s free and includes 24/7/365 access to Live Chat assistance with trained Support Team members.

Advanced Support add-on: Speeds up Live Chat response times and includes deeper application troubleshooting, customization support, and proactive monitoring.

Premium Support add-on: For businesses running mission-critical sites where every minute matters. Advanced service with even quicker response times, a dedicated Account Manager, a private Slack channel, and direct phone support.

Cloudways offers an out-of-the-box caching stack which includes Memcached, Varnish, Nginx, and Redis to deliver fast responses. WP Engine forces you to install an Advanced Caching plugin to match this level of performance.

WP Engine also disallows plugins like WP Super Cache, WP File Cache, and W3 Total Cache, preventing you to apply further optimizations that can’t be done server-side.

Yes — it’s included on any plan you choose. You can easily set up CDN from your dashboard, even if you’ve never done this kind of integration before. CloudwaysCDN delivers extremely fast experiences for your user, starting as low as $1 per 25GB.

Security is a top priority at Cloudways. We take a proactive approach to keeping your servers safe and secure from malicious traffic, malware and attacks.

These measures are available on any plan you choose:

  • Dedicated Firewalls
  • 1-Click Free SSL Certificate
  • IP Whitelisting
  • Regular Security Patching
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Bot Protection

Quit Worrying About Hosting Hassles

Host phenomenal websites on a managed platform built for digital agencies, developers, and ecommerce businesses, all backed by 24/7/365 support.


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