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Removing Technicalities for ClassBento With Premium Slack Channel Support – How Cloudways Engineers Handled the Server


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Founded in 2016, ClassBento is a small business promoting meaningful cultural and social exchanges and mindfulness as a way to improve mental wellbeing.

By deeply submerging itself in creative workshops, whether it be on Japanese floristry, Italian cooking, Turkish mosaics, or Spanish guitar, it stays true to its aim of offering support against Dementia and Alzheimer’s through its super inclusive, connected culture.

In this case study, we have Iain Wang, CEO of ClassBento, sharing with us the role of Cloudways in growing its business.

With business goals so high, ClassBento couldn’t afford to face the brunt of a low performing site with limited customer service. It wasn’t looking for distractions or hassles, or to have to manage the technical, server side of website hosting.

After choosing Cloudways to manage the technical aspects of hosting, ClassBento fully relies on it for all technical, server-side issues. It has risen to new heights by focusing more on its finances, account management, customer service, and its mental wellbeing initiative. It is now able to largely focus on offering the best classes, workshops, creative kits, gifts, and events on different occasions.

It was incredibly convenient for ClassBento to sign up with Cloudways and launch its first server with AWS for its reputation and reliability. Migration from its previous hosting solution provider was an incredibly seamless process as well because of Cloudways easy migration plugin.

Since its inception in 2016, ClassBento has been able to expand its operations in Australia, US, and the UK. Some of its prestigious clients include big names such as Google, Facebook, American Express, Disney, PWC, and Yves Saint Laurent.


Cloudways: Share some details about your business. Which industries do you serve? And what is your mission with ClassBento?

Iain: We are a curated marketplace for the best art, craft, and culinary experiences, for locals, operating across AU, UK and US. We offer both virtual classes with kits delivered, as well as in-person classes. We serve both B2C as well as B2B – individuals and group events like team building. We also provide a market-leading SaaS solution for experience providers who want to better capture bookings via their websites and other channels.

Our mission is to improve mental wellbeing through promoting mindfulness and social inclusion at our workshops, as well as through our donations to Dementia Australia and Mental Health UK with every booking.

Cloudways: How did you first come across Cloudways and what were your initial impressions?

Iain: I was comparing the best available solutions via Google and Cloudways had a great reputation in the community. I tested Cloudways against some alternate solutions and found that Cloudways offered a much easier interface, and a more thorough set of features, which really helped support our growth as a business.

Which hosting solution provider were you using before, if any? What were some primary reasons that made you switch to Cloudways?

Iain: Laravel Forge. Cloudways was easier to use and had a better set of features. ​


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Cloudways: Out of 5 cloud providers that you get a choice of, which one(s) do you prefer to use and why?

Iain: AWS is my top preference for their reliability and market reputation (despite their high costs). ​

Cloudways: How was the first-time signup experience for you?

Iain: Easy.

Cloudways: How supportive and helpful the Cloudways Support Team has been in your experience so far?

Iain: Very helpful.

Cloudways: Has Cloudways contributed to improvements in any of your business processes? If yes, how?

Iain: Yes, I really value the Cloudways support (via premium Slack channel) as the engineers there seem to be available 24/7 so I know I can get support at any time, and knowledgeable in tech (they are actual engineers not just customer service agents) – so I know they can help us to quickly diagnose resolve server issues – this is one of the main reasons I continue to use Cloudways – please keep up the great work there.

Cloudways: What are some Cloudways features that you use more than the other features and are really valuable to you?

Iain: Cloudways support via Slack.

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