Fishhook - Case Study

How Cloudways Helps Fishhook Marketing Increase Revenue With Streamlined Server Management


Fishhook – Case Study

In Conversation With

Kamron Nelson
Director of Fishhook Marketing

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About Fishhook

Fishhook Marketing is a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO and website redesign services, focusing on usability and business outcomes. They aim to provide their customers with a professional look and increase sales. In this case study, we’ll speak with Kamron, a web developer at Fishhook Marketing, about his experience with Cloudways.

Let’s see what Kamron Nelson, Director at Fishhook, has to say about their website and strategy:

Cloudways: What your website’s target audience, and what are your main responsibilities as a web developer or in your current role?

Kamron: I would say our target audience includes agency owners, website designers, open-source CRM builders, and people with technical proficiency who are facing creative problem-solving skills. As a web developer, my main responsibilities include website development, code quality, and technical SEO.

Cloudways: Can you provide some business details, such as your website’s monthly revenue, number of customers per month, team size, market, and USP?

Kamron: Our monthly website revenue is around 15-20k/month, and we are a team of three members. We are still figuring out our USP but focus mainly on code quality and technical SEO.

Cloudways: How did you first learn about Cloudways? How did the platform help resolve issues you faced previously, and what motivated you to switch to Cloudways?

Kamron: I discovered Cloudways through WP Crafter while using a DigitalOcean droplet. However, I struggled to manage and update the server effectively and didn’t want to invest time. Cloudways’ ease of use and excellent support prompted me to switch.

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Cloudways: Which framework or CMS do you use for your business? Why did you opt for that particular CMS?

Kamron: We are using WordPress for our business needs. However, with Cloudways, we are using different servers for our customers:

  • WordPress Apps: 68
  • PHP Stack Apps: 7
  • WooCommerce Apps: 7

Cloudways: What hosting solutions did you use before Cloudways, and are you currently using any other hosting service? If so, why?

Kamron: I previously used Siteground, DigitalOcean, and Inmotion, and I may have a few websites on other hosting services. However, I now keep all my websites on Cloudways due to the exceptional support and easy setup.

Cloudways: What was your initial impression of Cloudways upon signing up?

Kamron: My main concern was that I might have to pay double for the servers, which would have been too much.

Cloudways: What sets Cloudways apart from other hosting providers in your experience?

Kamron: The difference that stands out Cloudways is:

  • 24/7 support
  • Continuous improvement
  • Addition of new features

Cloudways: How has Cloudways contributed to your business’s success, and how do its features align with your business needs.

Kamron: Cloudways removes the hassle of hosting, giving me peace of mind with excellent support when I face issues.

Cloudways: Out of the five cloud providers available on Cloudways, which one(s) do you prefer to use and why?

Kamron: I prefer Vultr High Frequency due to its fast WordPress admin backend and lack of site speed issues.

Cloudways: Did switching to Cloudways enable you to free up resources? If so, how did you allocate them?

Kamron: Cloudways freed up my time and removed the headaches of managing my own server, allowing me to focus on website management.

Cloudways: What are your plans for 2023, and where do you see the ecommerce industry heading this year?

Kamron: I believe social media will continue to fuel ecommerce growth in 2023.

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