Tallyfy – Case Study

How Cloudways helps Tallyfy focus on Enhancing Business Processes

In Conversation With

Amit Kothari
Founder at Tallyfy

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Cloudways has fulfilled our expectations. It’s a great service and keeps our website up and running nicely.
– Amit Kothari
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Tallyfy is a SaaS that revamps all the ‘boring’ business processes and makes them swift and productive using the new method they have engineered. The startup was growing fast and Amit had a remote team working on the product’s backend. The servers required excessive maintenance, along with WordPress optimization. They had to set up everything from scratch, which was a time-consuming process. This was obviously slowing down their progress and hurting their business.

Things you will learn:

  • How Tallyfy solved the problem of excessive maintenance, along with WordPress optimization?
  • Cutting the cost of a server administrator.
  • Why Cloudways was the best for Tallyfy?
  • How Cloudways help startups?

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