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Baneh – Case Study

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Saadi Fattahi
Manager at Baneh

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About Baneh

With two decades of online presence, Saadi Fattahi’s online store Baneh is among Iran’s largest online shopping sites. Saadi’s ecommerce site offers an enjoyable online shopping experience with a wide variety of products, combining trust and comfort at low prices. helps customers choose the most suitable products by providing expert reviews and product comparisons.

Baneh holds many prestigious titles, such as the candidate for the best online store in Iran in the web festival, the best startup in the province, the best entrepreneur, and the statue of one hundred top customer-oriented brands.

Let’s see what Saadi Fattahi, Manager at Baneh, has to say about his ecommerce store and strategy:

Cloudways: What is your website mainly about, and what are your core responsibilities?

Saadi: I am the manager of an ecommerce company where our goal is fair pricing and fast shipping in online retail. We are active in the field of kitchen, digital appliances, and tools. Our main goal is to facilitate shopping in Asia.

Cloudways: What is your website’s monthly revenue, and how many customers do you get in a month? Please share your business details, including team size, market, USP, etc.

Saadi: We are a company with 100 employees and many customers in Iraq. And our company’s main goal is customer satisfaction.

Cloudways: Which framework or CMS do you use for your business? And why did you opt for that particular CMS?

Saadi: We use Magento and PHP-based CMS for our business. Since Magento is suitable for large-sized businesses and a large number of products, we can globalize our business with its development.

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Cloudways: How did you first hear about Cloudways? How did Cloudways help you fix problems you were facing before, and what made you switch to Cloudways?

Saadi: The first time was 5 years ago when our company had grown to give us a lot of traffic, making it difficult to manage. And then we heard the name of Cloudways from our expert friends.

Considering that Cloudways was highly optimized for Magento content management system and speed, my friend gave a wonderful presentation, making us interested in opting for it.

Which hosting solution were you using before Cloudways? Are you currently using any other hosting service? If yes, then why?

Saadi: Before Cloudways, we were using a2Hosting. Currently, we prefer using Cloudways’ powerful servers because of their high capacity and ability.

Cloudways: What was your first impression of Cloudways when you signed up?

Saadi: Cloudways is both smart and fast, achieving our desire to work with big and fast companies.

Cloudways: What makes Cloudways standout when compared to other hosting providers?

Saadi: Good server speed and support. It helps us meet our demands, and its quality helps us meet our and our customers’ needs. And then we get quality support on top of its exceptional services.

Cloudways: How has our in-built support for PHP-based apps, like Custom PHP, Laravel, and Symfony, made things easier for you?

Saadi: This is the strength of our programmers. And Cloudways has provided the necessary conditions to install the software we need.

Cloudways: How do you use Cloudways to help your customers have a smooth online experience?

Saadi: Our customers get the best experiences with Cloudways’ high uptime. Although Cloudways is a huge company, they sincerely care about their customers and let you send them big and small requests and expect an understood answer, which is good for every customer.

Cloudways: How has Cloudways contributed to your business’ success? We would love to know how Cloudways’ features align with your business needs.

Saadi: Cloudways has done a lot for us with its high security, up-to-date server management software, high-speed servers, excellent backup, robot notification, good support, excellent work communication with email, coordination depending on customers’ needs, and flexibility in servicing our system.

Cloudways: Out of the five cloud providers available on Cloudways, which one(s) do you prefer to use and why?

Saadi: DigitalOcean & Amazon, since they are configured and coordinated for our CMS and have more coordination capabilities.

Cloudways: Were you able to free up resources at your end after switching to Cloudways? If yes, how did you utilize those resources?

Saadi: Due to our company’s growth, we increased our server’s size. And we suggest every person who bought a server from any Swiss web hosting company try out Cloudways once. After that, I don’t think they can find the same service at a higher price.

Cloudways: What are your plans for 2022, and where do you see the ecommerce industry heading this year?

Saadi: Currently, we only provide our service in Iraq, but the ultimate goal is to facilitate trade between Iraq and Dubai.

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