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How Cloudways Helped Inspry Scale While Saving Costs on Website Maintenance


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Matt Schwartz

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About Inspry

Inspry is an American website design and development agency with a story of excellence and creativity. With 120 satisfied clients and a 4.7-star rating based on 743 glowing reviews, this mid-sized agency has made a name for itself in the industry. Over the course of generating 2500000 Page Views and 3500000 E-Commerce Sales for their clients, Inspry tried several hosting solutions and eventually migrated to Cloudways. As Matt Schwartz, the founder said: “Cloudways allows us to specialize in what we do without compromising on the customer’s website performance or quality.” As a website design and development agency, optimizing work processes and reducing costs is crucial, allowing you to focus more on delivering high-quality results for your clients. Utilizing the right tools and resources, like Inspry, can greatly streamline your operations and easily make this goal attainable. Here’s a remarkable case study of how Inspry saves money and delivers top-notch work to clients with the help of Cloudways.

Cloudways: So, to start, can you tell us a little about yourself? What’s your name and your designation at the agency? What are your core responsibilities?

Matt Schwartz: Howdy there, my name is Matt Schwartz. I am the founder and technology strategist here at Inspry. You can find me providing our clients with practical solutions to their complex WordPress needs. Additionally, you’ll find me tackling any operational and technical obstacles my team faces.

Cloudways: Now that we know you better, can you tell us what services your agency provides and how many clients you currently have? Also, which markets do you serve?

Matt Schwartz: Our agency is about helping architect affordable solutions to our client’s WordPress needs. Whether developing a custom WordPress plugin that talks to their system’s APIs or building a complex WooCommerce website, we love getting into the nitty-gritty to ensure things are done right. Our expertise in actual WordPress web development separates us from a lot of digital marketing agencies out there. With that said, we are a very practical bunch and always try to come up with the best solution based on what our clients actually need to succeed at their business goals. We don’t go for short-term relationships. We currently have around 120 active clients, with an average of a client being with us for at least five years.

Cloudways: How did you first hear about Cloudways? Can you highlight one major problem you faced that made you look for alternatives? Something that was the tipping point, and how Cloudways fixed that for you.

Matt Schwartz: Cloudways was brought to our attention several years ago by another member of The Admin Bar web design and digital marketing agency group on Facebook. That group tends to be very good at finding actual best practices with a smart group of like-minded people really trying to provide the best for their clients and clean up the web agency industry’s reputation out there.

Anywho, we were mostly fine with our previous web hosting provider, but they were becoming more and more closed systems with their platform. We had very little control over any settings or server configurations by the end. This left our hands tied when a website was performing poorly. We started looking elsewhere at a solution that still managed the server, giving us more control. We weren’t ready to go out there and become server administrators, but something a bit in between the existing managed hosting providers out there and a bare-bones unmanaged server.

Ultimately, Cloudways was the perfect fit based on those requirements. With Cloudways, we could save costs and keep some control over each server to tweak as needed for a client’s needs. Plus, with the ability to run quite a few different platforms, not just one CMS *cough, cough* WordPress, we can manage any custom apps built for clients with just one managed hosting provider. This helps us work efficiently and save costs.


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Cloudways: Before Cloudways, which hosting solution were you using? Are you using any other hosting service currently? If “Yes,” Why?

Matt Schwartz: Before Cloudways, we used SiteGround for most customers. It was a decent provider, but as mentioned prior, they were giving us less control over time, and their support was a bit more difficult to find in the UX, which slowed down our ability to provide first-class service to our clients. That made us switch. Currently, we also have some clients with WPEngine, which has been a decent provider, but again, we have some client’s not using WordPress, so we needed a mainstream channel for hosting outside of WPEngine. And that’s why Cloudways is a preferred choice.

Cloudways: What was your experience with Cloudways at the time of signing up? Please tell us about your first impressions.

Matt Schwartz: Cloudways branding made the experience more comfortable when we first signed up. The design lends itself to an enterprise-feeling website that invokes expertise and reliability. But Cloudways does this at a fraction of the price, making things pretty perfect. The dashboard is fairly feature-complete and makes it easy to spin up new servers like magic with no command line or AWS experience. We knew we found the right place once we saw how easy it was to set up a custom-managed cloud server within minutes.

Cloudways: In your opinion, what sets us apart from other hosting providers? How has our in-built support for PHP-based apps such as WordPress, Laravel, and Magento made matters easier for you?

Matt Schwartz: As mentioned, Cloudways is quite different from the start with its managed but flexible cloud-based hosting platform. Plus, with the focus on PHP-based apps and its tight integration with WordPress, we feel like the team, and their software was molded for our web agency. We use WordPress about 90% of the time, but not always, so having a platform that supports multiple PHP apps was a must.

Cloudways: How do you use Cloudways to solve your client’s problems?

Matt Schwartz: In this case study, we built out a WordPress-based online training platform for a client that needed to streamline their business operations and how they interacted with customers to scale effectively.

Using Cloudway’s platform, we could spin up a solid WooCommerce store, subscription management, and event registration system for them with the reassurance that Cloudways would handle what we had built. And it has done wonderfully as the client’s subscribers and sales have scaled.

Cloudways: How has Cloudways contributed to the success of your agency? Tell us about how Cloudways’ features align with your needs.

Matt Schwartz: Cloudways really is responsible for us getting back into web hosting in a big way. Many years ago, we were heavily into hosting websites, but at the time, managed hosts were not great, and the issues with cPanel, etc., were fairly constant. As we moved to Cloudways, we started to feel like this was something we could profitably manage again, and we have increased the client sites we host by more than 60%. This has really helped keep our clients sticky to our monthly recurring revenue.

Cloudways: Out of five cloud providers available on Cloudways, which ones do you prefer to use and why?

Matt Schwartz: We typically use Vultr HF servers (usually in Atlanta since we are located here) because they are the best balance of performance and cost savings. We found Google servers were good but very expensive and not better performing for the cost. We are curious to try AWS more due to its auto-scaling feature and known performance, even though they are more expensive.

Cloudways: How do you resell Cloudways to your clients?

Matt Schwartz: Our typical sales process with hosting reselling is an up-front discussion as we are building out a site or amidst the technical website audit during client onboarding. We typically host the sites ourselves in our account for clients, but we are upfront and mention that we use Cloudways if they prefer to have their own account (which some do).

Cloudways: Could you briefly describe the values you perceive from Cloudways?

Matt Schwartz: Cloudways lets us focus on the complex WordPress development clients rather than worrying about being server and database admins. It allows us to specialize in what we do without compromising on the customer’s website performance or quality.

Cloudways: How do you feel about participating in the Cloudways Agency Partnership Program? What additional value does the program provide to you? Do you think this program will help your agency grow long-term?

Matt Schwartz: The Cloudways Agency Partnership Program has been generous and helpful in streamlining our hosting operations here at our agency. This was surprising since so many other programs are less generous or supportive unless you are an agency doing several million in revenue per year. From the very start, we received advanced support and an agency partner who actually checked into our tickets when they were bottlenecked proactively without us even having to request it.

Cloudways: Do you think that by switching to Cloudways, you were able to free up resources at your end? If yes, how were you able to utilize those?

Matt Schwartz: Cloudways saved us time and a ton of long-term payroll costs by not needing a part-time server admin to provide the best service for our clients (especially enterprises).